Exotic Gardens still offers unusual specimens you won’t see elsewhere.

San Diego succulent expert and grower Carl Dykema has moved and expanded his Exotic Gardens succulent & cactus nursery, which was in Hillcrest for seven years. Carl has been a passionate grower for more than 30 years and has developed his own methods for maintaining a local nursery in the middle of the city.

Exotic Gardens is now at 2212 El Cajon Blvd, midway between Park and Texas, near Mississippi. The new location is four or five times as big as the old one in order to better serve a clientele that includes collectors, home gardeners and landscape designers.

Exotic Gardens still offers unusual specimens you won’t see elsewhere, but now there is room for larger quantities of plants, and much larger specimens.

Exotic Gardens stocks locally grown aloes, bromeliads, cacti, staghorn ferns, imported pottery, and much more — over 100 species of succulents.  Each week there are new plants in the store seldom found in other nurseries, including unusual pachypodiums, large tree aloes, and many Euphorbias from seeds and cuttings. Especially noteworthy is Euphorbia jacksonii, with yellow and green mottled, branching stems.

Carl has off-site growing grounds on 2 acres, and has expanded his business to supply the plants that San Diego and surrounding areas are introducing to conserve water, protect homes from fires , and to make a unique, colorful, and more sustainable garden.

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